Here’s Where You Can Listen to the World’s Most Expensive Headphones


Between jackhammering on each road corner, screeching trains on the metro tracks and hyperactive kids at M&M World in Times Square, New York City is host to probably the most horrendous commotions on earth. However, now, because of Sennheiser’s new Soundscape Showroom situated in the Westfield World Trade Center, it is likewise home to a couple of earphones that create sounds so wonderful, numerous an audience has been conveyed to tears.

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We addressed Daniel and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEOs of Sennheiser, about the showroom, the earphones and the eventual fate of sound.

What is the Soundscape Showroom?

Daniel Sennheiser: It is Sennheiser’s masterpiece and grandstand. We needed to demonstrate the U.S. shopper and the New York purchaser what Sennheiser is about. We’ve been tied in with conveying the fate of sound for more than 70 years, and we needed to put that on full show and give individuals the chance to involvement and our items. What’s more, in our Soho store, we have more chances to exhibit our products.Why did you open it in the World Trade Center?

Andreas Sennheiser: On one hand, it is an incredible chance to get the consideration of the countless individuals who drive through it consistently. Second, it is New York City, where such huge numbers of patterns have been conceived and thrive. So we trust that New York is extremely open to get a handle on new and energizing things, and we trust it gives us the privilege exposre to make a new beginning on the customer side.DS: Building a brand and making an association with a shopper takes a smidgen of time. For us it isn’t about the quick deal. That is the means by which Sennheiser considers: we’re family-claimed and long haul arranged. We dive deep in the way we draw in with the shopper, and endeavor to instruct them about what the upsides of the Sennheiser are. We have flourished in the expert universe of recording studios and motion pictures and on Broadway where our items are utilized each day, and it sets aside some opportunity to demonstrate the non-proficient world that we have this profound history and fantastic measures of innovative work behind the greater part of our items. These are generous items. They’re not simply mold proclamations.

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What is driving advancement at Sennheiser?

AS: a definitive objective for us is to locate the ideal sound. What’s more, obviously, the meaning of the ideal sound changes after some time. New innovation continues changing what that implies. Of the enormous components that will drive us for quite a long time to come is immersive sound – AMBEO 3-D Audio from Sennheiser. This ending up exceptionally applicable innovation as VR and AR keep on growing. You require a sound arrangement that matches the visual experience.

What does 3-D sound, well, solid like?

AS: It is extremely hard to portray. The best thing I can state is that you will get goosebumps and it will touch you route past your ears. The genuine effect of awesome immersive sound is that it triggers feelings as opposed to simply placing sound in your ears. That is truly what it is about.

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Sennheiser made the world’s most costly earphones, the HE 1 Orpheus, which guests will have the capacity to tune in to, correct?

Daniel: The Showcase presentations will dependably be changing, however yes, a HE 1 will be there when we open the entryways. In any case, they won’t generally be there, so I would advise individuals to make certain to save their spot.

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